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Social Media Spaces

Date & Time:
12:30:00 - 14:00:00,
Wednesday 5 May, 2004


Social media spaces are about the gathering of people to consume and to create media. In this talk I will chart some examples of such spaces from my own research.

We shall start with an overview of three Inhabited TV experiments that used online virtual worlds to create national TV content. We’ll then look at physical space, how the position of technology in our homes affects its use, and how our proximity to others changes the way we relate to technology. I’ll show how such a realization may influence design.

We’ll end by looking at how broadcast technologies may be used to inject media to people’s mobile devices at the time people want it.

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  • Name: Dr Tim Regan
  • Affiliation: Microsoft Research, Cambridge
  • Role:
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  • Bio: Tim works in Microsoft Research at their lab in Cambridge in the Socio-Digital Systems Group. His current research interests are social software and mobile media. Before Cambridge he worked in the Social Computing Group in Redmond on aspects of shoulder to shoulder computing – that is building applications for several users to interact with together in the same room. Before that he worked on online virtual worlds, systems architecture, and formal methods. He holds a doctorate in Theoretical Computer Science from The University of Sussex.