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Service Provision in the Digital Age: The Use and Impact of the Internet of People and Things in Supporting Business and Consumer Relationships

Date & Time:
14:30 - 17:30,
Wednesday 12 May, 2010


Marshalling expertise and existing data sources, this Oxford Internet Survey Workshop will focus on the use and impact of new information and communication technologies on service provision and consumer relationships. These range from the use of social networking to improve customer engagement (the Internet of People) to the implications of smart technologies (the Internet of Things) in enabling new forms of service delivery.

Topics will include the implications of Web 2.0, understanding and overcoming barriers to uptake and usage of online services, creating new forms of customer relationship, engendering and maintaining trusted customer relationships via ICT, use of mapping tools to analyse customer feedback, and regulatory concerns.

The workshop is organized by the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, in collaboration with Scottish and Southern Energy, a sponsor of the 2009 Oxford Internet Survey, but seeks to tap the expertise of a wide variety of academics and experts from a variety of businesses and industries. It aims to identify strategies for e-businesses in the digital age and will also seek to define priorities for further research, such as the 2011 OxIS survey.