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Security and the Politics of e-Voting Research

Date & Time:
15:30:00 - 16:30:00,
Friday 19 March, 2004


Dr Barbara Simons will summarize the findings of a paper she co-authored: A Security Analysis of the Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment (SERVE). This critique of the security concerns surrounding Internet-based voting systems might have contributed to the Pentagon’s decision to call halt this experiment in e-voting. This study and the Pentagon’s response provides a case study in the broader issues surrounding the politics of e-voting research.

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  • Professor William H. Dutton,Thierry Vedel,Professor Stephen Coleman
  • Name: Professor William H. Dutton|Thierry Vedel|Professor Barbara Simons|Professor Stephen Coleman
  • Affiliation: OII Director|The Center for Political Research, National Center for Scientific Research,
    Paris|Public Policy Committee, ACM|Cisco Visiting Professor of e-Democracy, OII
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