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Privacy – where the shoes really pinch

Date & Time:
15:30:00 - 16:30:00,
Tuesday 10 May, 2005


Information and communication technology has far more pervasive and serious consequences for personal privacy than those to which most attention has been paid. Privacy under ICT is not primarily to do with personal data types (eg financial, medical) or with agency roles (eg governments, banks) or with legal notions (eg powers, rights), let alone just with technical matters (eg firewalls, encryption). Privacy, or rather the lack of it, is a function of ICT itself, through the aggregate effects of ICT’s intrinsic properties.

The talk will examine these intrinsic properties and their implications for, on the one hand, the individual’s actual or perceived privacy and, on the other, the system developer’s recognised or actual professional duties.

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  • Name: Professor Karen Spärck Jones
  • Affiliation: Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
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