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Perspectives Workshop: Democracy in a Network Society

Date & Time:
00:00:00, Sunday 27 September -
00:00:00, Friday 2 October, 2009


This workshop will bring computer and social scientists together with legal scholars, practitioners, policy experts, and pollsters to chart and help plan the developing frontiers of new technologies for democratic processes in a networked society. It will gather a unique, multi-disciplinary collection of experts for a dialogue that promises to break new ground in exploring ways in which digital technologies can promote the vitality of online enhancements to democratic political systems of the 21st Century.

To accomplish this, the workshop will provide new approaches to growing threats to such systems, such as malware, privacy invasion, false participants, and malfeasance, while providing the kind of transparency now possible and needed to engender public trust.

The aims of the workshop include creating a base level of mutual understanding, joint exploration of concrete solutions to existing problems, generation of new application concepts, and instigating collaboration between the fields.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with Schloss Dagstuhl.

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