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Personalisation, loyalty cards and data analytics: a conversation with Edwina Dunn

Date & Time:
17:00:00 - 18:30:00,
Thursday 23 October, 2014


OII industry lectures offer an opportunity for students, faculty and friends to gain insights into developments in the digital economy. In this event, Edwina Dunn will share her experiences of being at the forefront of the burgeoning data analytics sector, considering issues such as the development of store loyalty cards and the growth of personalisation, the balancing of consumer and business interests around the commercialisation of personal data, and the skills needed in an economy where data is king.


Edwina Dunn

CEO, Starcount, Investor in Purple Seven and Founder of the What I See Project

Edwina Dunn joined Starcount as the COO. Starcount is a global social media discovery engine where fans can be rewarded for their loyalty and engagement. It tracks 1.7 billion people across 12 major global social networks. Edwina is also an an investor in Purple Seven which is the UK’s largest Theatre Analytics Company, managing some 19 million consumers ; in addition Edwina runs a not-for-profit platform around women’s perception that seeks to amplify their voices and self confidence called the What I See Project.