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OxDEG: The social life of spaceships: an anthropology of Eve online

With Harish Goutam
Date & Time:
15:30 - 16:30,
Monday 17 October, 2022


This talk explores the virtual world EVE Online, examining how trust is generated, and how one of the most complex virtual economies is maintained, in an environment where all participants are anonymous and central governance is scant. In the talk, I explore the perspectives of two primary groups: one a ‘corporation’ (and their social interactions within a much larger nullsec coalition), the other a small, combat-focused group which resides in the area known as ‘wormhole space’. In this talk, I focus primarily on the former group, noting how complex forms of logistics and haulage shaped and were shaped by the space around them, as well how a sense of identity and belonging was fostered amongst corporation members more generally.


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Meeting ID: 980 3492 2238

Passcode: 734608



Harish Goutam

University of Oxford

Harish Goutam is a 4th year DPhil student in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography at the University of Oxford. He previously completed his MSc in Social Anthropology at the same departmen