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OxDeg: From Oxford to Kohima- continuing the narrative of a very singular archive

Date & Time:
16:30:00 - 18:00:00,
Wednesday 13 May, 2015


This is part of the Oxford Digital Ethnography Group Seminar Series; this seminar series gathers leading scholars and practitioners to reflect on how ethnography is adapting to the study of heavily-mediated worlds.

Ursula Violet Graham Bower (1914-1988) arrived in Nagaland as a colonial tourist in 1937. When she left 10 years later she had collected many objects, taken hundreds of photographs and filmed several short films recording the daily life of her Naga friends. She later became an anthropologist and left her artefacts in institutions including Oxford University’s Pitt Rivers Museum, Cambridge University’s Fitzwilliam Museum and London’s Horniman Museum, as well as with personal acquaintances. Many years later in 2010 I gained a grant to digitise her films at the Pitt Rivers. This is the story about the material in the digital and how we are leading her archive back ‘home’.

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  • Name: Dr Alison Kahn
  • Affiliation: Senior Lecturer in Film Production, Oxford Brookes University
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