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‘People You May Know’

17 Mar 2021
Filming venue:

Online Webinar

A discussion and Q&A with the co-directors and star of ‘People You May Know’, Dr Charles Kriel & Katharina Gellein Viken. This documentary is about Charles Kriel, specialist advisor to UK parliament on disinformation, who discovers Cambridge Analytica collaborating with a company creating a microtargeting platform for US churches, targeting vulnerable people, the poor, the grieving, the addicted, to radicalise them for far right politics. Going undercover he risks everything to gain access where no outsider has set foot.



Dr Charles Kriel

Metronone Media
Charles is an author, broadcaster, journalist as well as a lifelong digital theorist & practitioner. He is a specialist in disinformation, behavioural design and radicalisation.

Katharina Gellein Viken

Bifröst Media
Katharina is an award- winning Norwegian-born director, producer, writer and actress. She runs Bifröst Media in Oslo, London and LA and started directing theatre age 14.

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