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Nuffield-OII Networks Seminar Series

Date & Time:
00:00:00, Monday 12 October -
00:00:00, Monday 30 November, 2009


This a series of weekly seminars for fellows and students at the University of Oxford to discuss their research in an informal environment. Visitors are welcome.

Schedule for the Nuffield-OII Networks Seminar Series



Week 1 (12 october)

Jennifer Flashman: Change and Stability in Adolescent Friendship Networks: The Role of Academic Achievement

Week 2 (19 October)

David Strang: Who Does an Elite Firm Emulate? Interorganizational Networks and the Spread of Managerial Practices

Week 3 (26 October)

Johan Koskinen: Social Roles and Settings in Network Evolution:Placing the Individual in Context

Week 4 (2 November)

Dean Lusher: Attitudes, Perceived Attitudes, Status and Norms in Groups

Week 5 (9 November)

Nick Harrigan: Co-evolution Models for Large Social Networks

Week 6 (16 November)

Caroline Haythornthwaite: Analyzing Online Conversations

Week 7 (23 November)

Pip Pattison: Exponential Random Graphs Models for Social Networks: the Model Specification Problem

Week 8 (30 November)

Felix Reed-Tsochas: The Spontaneous Emergence of Social Influence in Online Systems

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