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Nielsen Digital Update

Date & Time:
15:30:00 - 16:30:00,
Friday 8 March, 2013


The Nielsen Company was founded in 1923 by Arthur C. Nielsen, Sr. who invented an approach to measuring competitive sales results that made the concept of “market share” a practical management tool. For nearly 90 years, Nielsen have advanced the practice of market research and media audience measurement to provide our clients a better understanding of their consumer.

The emergence of Digital as a new consumer and media paradigm makes it essential that we measure its impact on consumer behaviour and how our advertiser and media clients can optimise on this new media/shopper channel. As such, Nielsen has evolved a comprehensive and innovative range of digital measurement methodologies to analyse consumer behaviour and trends, advertising effectiveness, social media buzz and more, to provide a 360 degree view of how consumers engage with digital media. Nielsen’s approach does not stop at the computer screen because they understand that digital audiences do not just consume digital “cookies” – they are a shopper, a TV watcher, a tweeter and a texter.

During this presentation Matthew Dodd and Jorge Parra hope to provide the audience with a better understanding of the major digital consumer trends and where the industry is heading / needs to evolve to. They will focus on the need for media owners, advertiser brands and retailers to think and act cross platform and will assess how the consumer desire to always be socially connected is driving consumption and engagement. The talk will also explore how digital is changing the consumers’ path to purchase and how it not only offers a new distribution channel, but also how it influences the offline world too, and will discuss what Nielsen is doing to better measure digital behaviours both for audience planning, consumer understanding and advertising effectiveness.

The hashtag for tweeting about this event is: #oiiNielsen

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  • Name: Matthew Dodd|Jorge Parra
  • Affiliation: Nielsen|Nielsen
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  • Bio: Matthew has a dual role at Nielsen. He is primarily responsible for leading and managing Nielsenís European media & advertising analytics teams. This embraces media analytics for TV, Online, TV and Mobile as well as marketing effectiveness across all platforms, data integration and fusion. He recently expanded his remit and now also has global responsibility for delivering Nielsenís clients with deeper digital insights to maximize their media and adverting inventory and marketing investment, as well as developing new digital analytics products/solutions that further help clients to secure competitive advantage. Recent innovations include the Online Brand Effect Expanded View, Paid Owned & Earned evaluation, the Digital Path To Purchase, How to Optimize Facebook Fan Pages. He represents Nielsen within the wider research community, providing thought leadership on media research and advertising effectiveness.|Jorge is currently leading the relationship between Nielsen and some of the biggest Fast Moving Consumer Goods multinational clients such as Johnson&Johnson in the EMEA region. Close to the Marketing and Consumer Insights departments, the main objective is to develop strategies in pricing, promotions, portfolio management and digital marketing. Before his move to the UK, Jorge developed his professional career with Nielsen Spain within different sectors e.g. Durables, FMCG, Spirits & Tobacco and Telecom. Working with clients such as Vodafone, Samsung, Imperial Tobacco and 3M, he helped to improve their marketing strategies using Retail and Consumer Panels, ad-hoc optimization studies and consulting.