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Measuring traffic manipulation on Twitter

Date & Time:
17:15 - 19:00,
Tuesday 15 January, 2019


Malicious actors on Twitter use a range of techniques to manipulate traffic so that their chosen subjects will trend. Ben Nimmo presents a method of measuring that manipulation to expose the malicious actors, and the methods they use.

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  • Name: Ben Nimmo
  • Affiliation: Atlantic Council
  • Role:
  • URL:
  • Bio: Ben Nimmo studies online disinformation and manipulation for the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab). In the course of his work, he has been attacked by Kremlin propaganda outlets, threatened by the far right, and declared dead by bot herders, so he must be doing something right. He is a former journalist and NATO press officer, and spends his spare time underwater, where smartphones do not work.