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Issues in Online Personalisation

Date & Time:
00:00:00 - 00:00:00,
Friday 5 March, 2004


New information and communication technologies (ICTs) have enabled commercial and public services to be more tailored to the individual needs and desires of customers.

The advantages for businesses and governments in personalising online service and information delivery include improving the quality of service delivery, enforcement of rights (eg copyright), reducing costs, improving customer relations, and protecting customers from being overloaded with information they do not want. However, the phenomenon of personalisation raises a number of important issues and risks, which may be crucial to its success, including those tied to the collection and use of personal data, data sharing between organisations, privacy protection, identification, authentication, network security, legal norms (eg equality before the law, legal security), and the streamlining of internal organisation processes.

This meeting will explore various approaches to the personalisation of online services. An interim research report on this topic, jointly prepared by research staff of the OII and Tilburg University, will provide the basis for further discussion. This research report will be sent to all participants before the expert meeting. In addition, each of the invited international experts will prepare a short position paper on the topic or in reaction to the project report.

A summary report on the forum will be written for a broader public audience.

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  • Professor Charles D. Raab
  • Name: Professor Charles D. Raab|Professor Ari-Veikko Antiroiko|Dr Davide Calenda|Professor Daniel Greenwood|Professor Jon Riedl|Dr Ian Walden
  • Affiliation: Head of the Department of Politics, University of Edinburgh|Department of Local Government Studies, University of Tampere,
    Finland|Telematics Laboratory, University of Florence, Italy|Director of the MIT E-commerce Architecture Programme, MIT|Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota; Founder of the
    company Net Perceptions|Head of the Information Technology Law Unit at the Centre for Commercial
    Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London
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