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Introducing the World’s First Wikipedia Town

Date & Time:
12:30:00 - 13:30:00,
Monday 15 October, 2012


In only eleven years Wikipedia has grown from being the education resource that dare not speak its name to the universal arbiter of arguments in both pubs and staff rooms. This year has also seen the first County Council partner with Wikimedia to create the world’s first Wikipedia Town: Monmouth. In one place we can see the real world matched up with its virtual counterpart, allowing people to play with augmented reality throughout an entire town. What new business models can emerge from this creation? Can British institution adapt to new ways of obtaining and sharing information? Roger Bamkin discusses examples of how Wikipedia projects now allow all of us to define “received wisdom.”

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  • Name: Roger Bamkin
  • Affiliation: Former Director, Wikimedia UK
  • Role:
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  • Bio: Roger Bamkin is a Former Director and ex-Chair of Wikimedia UK. He co-created multi-lingual QRpedia codes and the world’s first Wikipedia town. He was previously a senior IT manager for Rolls-Royce after developing an OORDBMS. Roger spent a number of years teaching before returning to IT to see how wiki structures could solve the data exchange problems he had previously tried to address as part of a decade long engineering data exchange development.