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Information Warfare in an Age of Globalisation

Date & Time:
17:00:00 - 18:30:00,
Tuesday 4 March, 2003


We live in an era of ‘new wars’, which is to say that the circumstances surrounding such conflicts have been transformed by the ending of the Cold War, the triumph of neo-liberalism, and the accelerated spread of globalisation, which is simultaneously integrating and fragmenting the world. Further, war itself is changing, increasingly being what one might call Information War (for those most able to wage it), by which is broadly meant saturation with information and communications technologies (ICTs), plus a special concern for the media.

Of course, there has long been a close association between media and warfare. However, in the different circumstances which prevail today – and I shall argue that ‘new wars’ and ‘information warfare’ mark a radical change – media may play a different, more ambiguous and ambivalent, role than hitherto.

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