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Date & Time:
16:30:00 - 18:00:00,
Wednesday 4 March, 2015


Dr Ames will join us on Skype from California to talk about her current and past ethnographic research methods.

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  • Name: Dr Morgan G. Ames
  • Affiliation: UC Irvine
  • Role:
  • URL:
  • Bio: Morgan G. Ames draws on training in communication, anthropology, informatics, and computer science to research the ways we make sense of new technologies in our everyday lives. She is a postdoctoral researcher at the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing at UC Irvine. She received her PhD in communication (minoring in anthropology) from Stanford University, where she was awarded the Nathan Maccoby Outstanding Dissertation Award, and also holds a M.S. in information science and B.A. in computer science from UC Berkeley. Morgan’s research focuses on the role of mythology in tech communities and in the design and use of technology. Her areas of investigation include the One Laptop Per Child project, hacker culture in Latin America, and marginal communities in Silicon Valley. Morgan has also explored what drives college students to multitask on their smartphones, how middle- and working-class families with young children use media and communications technologies, and what motivates people to tag pictures.