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Horizon Digital Economy Research: Its Challenges and Objectives

Date & Time:
17:00:00 - 18:30:00,
Tuesday 15 February, 2011


Horizon is a Research Institute at the University of Nottingham, engaged in Digital Economy Research. Horizon has been set two interrelated challenges. The first is to develop the new technological approaches to the design and implementation of service platforms which will be required in the emerging Digital Economy. The infrastructure for such services will be a product of the convergence of mobile and cloud computing with large multiplex data stores. The second is to understand the social, regulatory, ethical and other human considerations which will need to be taken into account for the service platforms to be successfully implemented. This latter challenge ranges across traditional human factors and interface design issues to business models for Digital Economy services to the political context in which data is collected and stored as well as the rights which individuals might have over the data, information and interpretations around which services are built.

This presentation will summarise the major objectives Horizon has set itself with regard to these challenges and progress that has been made towards them.

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