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Going Global: Civil Society Participation in the World Summit on the Information Society

Date & Time:
09:00:00 - 15:30:00,
Wednesday 22 March, 2006


This seminar will draw on the research and experience of an OII team who have been following the involvement of civil society groups in the two World Summits on the Information Society in 2003 and 2005. Bill Dutton, Sonia Liff and Vicki Nash will provide an overview of the Summit process and reflect on its relevance for civil society groups, leading to an interactive discussion of questions such as:

  • What were the key policy issues addressed at the Summits, and why do these matter for civil society?

  • Which groups participated in the Summits, in what ways and why? What did they get out of it?

  • What will happen as a result of the Summits? Where should future efforts be directed for civil society groups who care about issues such as digital inclusion?

  • What resources are needed to support such participation?


This event is co-organised by the OII and the British Council.

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  • Professor William H. Dutton,Professor Victoria Nash,Dr Sonia Liff,Professor Stephen Coleman
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