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Following our Digital Footprints: Tracing the Policy Implications of the Future Digital Economy

With Professor Victoria Nash
Date & Time:
09:15:00 - 16:30:00,
Wednesday 16 February, 2011


The digital economy is evolving rapidly. Data from store cards, credit cards, roadside cameras, city centre CCTV and Webcams, and a myriad of other sources are being collected and re-used. Novel services and applications based on these data are constantly being developed, which together with the emergence of new data sources and forms will encourage the further widening of the scope of collection and use. The market for information and its storage is changing and expanding at a great pace. As these developments unfold, are we confident that existing policies governing the storage, use, exchange or even sale of personal data are fit for purpose? If we are not, can we identify the most significant areas of concern and key recommendations for change?

Bringing together senior academics, business leaders and policy-makers, this policy forum aims to identify the new and emerging policy implications of a digital economy driven by the collection, storage, use and re-use of personal information.

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