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Fairwork Egypt Ratings 2021

With Dr Matthew Cole, Professor Mark Graham, Nagham El Houssamy, Salma Hussein, Ahmed Kamaly, Amal Mowafy, and Professor Nagla Rizk
Date & Time:
14:00 - 15:15,
Monday 24 January, 2022
Online session
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The Fairwork Egypt Ratings 2021 report evaluates the working conditions of seven digital labour platforms – FilKhedma, Mrsool, Orcas, Swvl, Talabat, Mongez and Uber – against five principles of fairness—fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management, and fair representation.Egypt’s local start-up scene has boomed and diversified to include new digital labour platforms in different sectors such as transportation, education, domestic services and delivery services. In a country dominated by informality, digital labour platforms present unique and flexible opportunities for workers to earn an income in Egypt. However, workers on these platforms often lack basic rights and protections. We hope that the findings in this report will help all the relevant stakeholders work collaboratively to ensure fairer standards, inclusion and sustainability in Egypt’s platform economy.Report authors, Nagla Rizk, Nagham ElHoussamy, Matthew Cole and Mark Graham will give a brief presentation with key findings from the report. This will be followed by a discussion with guest panellists: Dr Ahmed Kamaly, Salma Hussein and Amal Mowafy. There will also be an open Q&A session for all attendees.



Salma Hussein

Regional Research Manager, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) MENA

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