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Exploring the Potential of Online Age Verification

Date & Time:
13:00:00 - 17:30:00,
Wednesday 27 November, 2013


This policy forum will report on the draft findings of a one-year research project conducted at the Oxford Internet Institute, exploring the factors that influence the successful application of age verification processes in an online industry that has extensive experience of such processes, namely the online gambling sector. We compare practice in this heavily-regulated industry with that of two other cases: one where age verification is required by regulation, but which seems to rely less on online verification (Internet sales of alcohol) and another where no age verification is currently required by regulation, but where age-related risks and opportunities might arise (online social gaming). The comparative approach allows richer understanding of the contextual challenges and opportunities surrounding wider use of age verification technologies, and has helped to generate interesting recommendations with relevance for the many online industries whose business models legitimately engage younger consumers.

This research project is supported by a grant from

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