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Entangled Data: A comparison of science practices and the implications for e-(social)science

Date & Time:
11:45:00 - 13:15:00,
Wednesday 18 January, 2006


This talk presents preliminary results from an ESRC e-Social Science Programme funded study that is using ethnographic methods to study three contrasting scientific endeavors: a distributed group of physical scientists and their team of software developers funded under the UK e-Science programme; producers and users of a complex socio-economic survey dataset and finally a series of ethnographic archiving projects within the same UK social science department. Our studies provide insights into concrete examples of (e-)science practice on which current and future designers of e-Science applications can build. Secondly, they contribute to developments in the anthropology of science that ask about the relationship between ownership, community and disciplinarity. Finally they inform the ongoing discussion of the potential benefits and drawbacks of embedding e-(social) science in everyday practice and the incentive structures required to do so.

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  • Name: Ben Anderson
  • Affiliation: Chimera, University of Essex
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