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Digital Objects and the Management of Information

Date & Time:
13:30:00 - 17:30:00,
Tuesday 20 June, 2006


Digital information needs to be a first class citizen in the networked environment. The fundamental attribute of digital information is that it is processable data, enabling new forms of electronic commerce, creativity and social benefit.

Some existing and emerging applications have successfully managed information in the form of digital objects which are stored, accessed, disseminated and managed. A digital object is a data structure whose principal components are digital material, or data, plus a unique identifier for this material. A digital object architecture provides naming conventions for identifying and locating digital objects, a service for using object names to locate and disseminate objects, and access protocols, forming an infrastructure that is open, and which supports a large and extensible class of distributed digital information services. Digital libraries are one example of such services; numerous other examples of such services may be found in emerging electronic commerce applications.

Digital information can be similar to or quite different from other forms of information that we are used to dealing with outside the networked environment. This seminar, organised by the International DOI Foundation, will discuss several examples of information management using digital objects, and also hear from application areas where digitisation is a hot topic.




Norman Paskin

Digital Objects and the Management of Information: Introduction [PPT Slides]

Bob Kahn

Video presentation: Digital Object Architecture

Larry Lannom

Digital Object Architecture overview [PPT Slides]

Larry Lannom and Christophe Blanchi

The Defense Virtual Information Architecture and the ADL CORDRA registry [PPT Slides]

Adam Hodgkin

Commercial digitising text initiatives [PPT Slides]

Michael Popham

Digital text and libraries [PPT Slides]

Jim Wilkinson

Digital objects and video [PPT Slides]

Anne Trefethen

Digital objects and e-Research [PPT Slides]

Ralph Schroeder, Jenny Fry and Matthijs den Besten

Social implications [PPT Slides]

This is a meeting of the International DOI Foundation, organised in collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute.

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