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Digital Ethnography All Hands Meeting

Date & Time:
16:30 - 18:00,
Wednesday 9 November, 2016


This meeting is to re-establish who we are as OxDEG, and what we will be doing in the coming year. Everyone will be given time to talk briefly about their work and interests related to digital ethnography, and we will be brainstorming ideas for the group and also asking for volunteers to take a lead on helping to organize upcoming sessions. We want ideas about particular topics to focus on, speakers to invite, people within the group to speak, and anything else the group should be doing. If you are interested in digital ethnography in any form, this is a great way to get involved and shape what the group will be doing in the coming year.

Please note that you do not have to be from Oxford to attend: all interested people are welcome!

About the Series (OxDeg)

This seminar series, created by the Oxford Digital Ethnography Group, gathers leading scholars and practitioners to reflect on how ethnography is adapting to the study of heavily-mediated worlds.  The overarching theme is digital ethnography, broadly conceived. The group aims to extend inter-disciplinary academic research and collaboration among scholars at Oxford University interested in understanding rich, qualitative approaches to researching behaviour online. It will encompass a variety of research interests within this field, including digital visual anthropology as well as a variety of qualitative, ethnographic methodologies appropriate to the study of the digital environment.

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