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Cultures of Creativity: Learning from Leading Centres of Innovation

Date & Time:
12:00:00 - 13:00:00,
Monday 13 August, 2007


Professor Himanen will discuss this latest research on the cultures of leading centres of innovation. He will speak about how innovation is pursued in a number of concentrations of innovative activities, and what kinds of elements characterize these centres, including what he has termed a culture of creativity.

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  • Professor Pekka Himanen
  • Name: Professor Pekka Himanen
  • Affiliation: OII Visiting Professor
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  • Bio: Pekka Himanen is internationally known for his research on the information age, most notably for The Hacker Ethic (Random House 2001). After obtaining his PhD in Philosophy at the age of 20 at the University of Helsinki, Himanen conducted research in England and then in California at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley. Himanen has also coauthored The Information Society and the Welfare State (Oxford University Press 2002), with Prof. Manuel Castells. Professor Himanen has been widely recognized, such as through the World Economic Forum’s respected Global Leader for Tomorrow Award in 2003. In Finland, Dr Himanen has recently finished the preparation of a new information society strategy for the Finnish Parliament’s Committee for the Future. Himanen divides his time between being a professor at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, a visiting professor at Oxford, and a principal scientist at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (a joint research center of the Helsinki University of Technology and Helsinki University).