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CryptoParty Oxford

Date & Time:
18:30 - 21:00,
Friday 29 November, 2019


What’s a CryptoParty?

CryptoParties are FREE, beginner-friendly gatherings to help people of all ages and abilities to reclaim their privacy and power online. Our trainers are digital privacy experts who will help you with phone security, private communications, secure passwords, social media privacy settings, web browsing privacy and more.

We also host talks, debates and workshops on digital rights, privacy, technology (and the systems of power around it!).

If you’ve been to a CryptoParty before or are an advanced tech user, you’re welcome too! Come and talk to us about your favourite project or topic, start an impromptu workshop about it, meet new friends and find potential collaborators.

You’re invited!

Big Brother Watch and Open Rights Group are bringing CryptoParty to Oxford!

The event is FREE and open to *everyone*. There is no need to register. Workshops are beginner-friendly and enjoyable for people of all levels of experience.

Would you like to help? Do you have digital privacy tips and skills to share? Or perhaps an idea for a brilliant lightning talk relating to technology, privacy, the future and human rights? Get in touch!

About CryptoParty Oxford

Oxford is full of expertise on technology, rights, cybersecurity and privacy – but the city hasn’t had a CryptoParty since 2016…! Therefore, Big Brother Watch and Open Rights Group are collaborating to bring together local campaigners, techies, and members of the public to have a CryptoParty in the hope local activists may continue to spread digital privacy and empowerment through CryptoParties!

We’re delighted to be hosted by social enterprise Common Ground, where you’ll find free WiFi and power, and alcoholic and soft drinks available at a low cost.

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