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Broadband Forum

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Saturday 1 March, 2003


This was an international forum of about thirty invited experts from government, industry, and academia. Their discussions and debates on key social, economic, and technological issues surrounding the growing availability of high-performance broadband telecommunications technologies highlighted the enormous potential of this technology to provide benefits to a wide range of people, groups, and sectors of society – in activities ranging from education, health care, and entertainment to economic development and local and global business effectiveness. At the same time, Forum participants emphasised the significant disadvantages for those unable to access and use broadband effectively.

A discussion paper based on the Forum, together with position papers specially contributed by participants, explores these issues in detail and outline policies and analyses that could assist in narrowing broadband divides by supporting a more equitable sharing of broadband dividends.

This forum has been organised with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Syracuse University, and Tufts University.

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