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Bellwether Lecture: Digital Platforms and Analytics: Behaviour, Benefits and Knowledge

Date & Time:
00:00:00 - 00:00:00,
Thursday 19 November, 2015


The talk will be followed by a short drinks reception.

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  • Name: Peter Grindrod CBE FIMA
  • Affiliation: Professor in the Mathematics Institute, Oxford and a Non-Executive Director of the Alan Turing Institute
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  • Bio: Peter Grindrod CBE FIMA is a Professor in the Mathematics Institute, Oxford (since 2013) and a Non-Executive Director of the Alan Turing Institute, following joint roles Director of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange and Professor of Mathematics and Its Applications at Reading. He spent eighteen years working within commercial R&D. His research interests include dynamically evolving networks, and nonlinear node-based dynamics, modelling human behaviour within peer-to-peer networks, with applications to digital media and marketing, and the wider digital economy; real time algorithms over vast networks; the analysis of human brains, as a complex information processing system with implications for novel computing paradigms; math’s of urban environments; inference and forecasting for the retail, consumer goods, (spikey) energy demand, and the mobile and communications sectors. He has wide experience in managing large multidisciplinary grants and of working with commercial interests. He is an expert in investment and exploitation strategy for research and innovation, and he is a former member of EPSRC and BBSRC Councils, President of the IMA, and MoD Scientific Advisory Council. He has founded three successful analytics companies.