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AI Yesterday Digital Zine Making Workshop: Issue 01 Positions

Date & Time:
16:00 - 18:00,
Wednesday 14 July, 2021
Event Series:
Online Webinars


The AI Yesterday team, including Maggie McGrath, Deepak Mallya, Ankkit Modi, Linda Ma & Rose Payne, invite you to participate in a zine making workshop for our inaugural issue on the positions of AI. In this session we will explore the fluidity of definitions, focusing on their ambiguity and subjectivity. We’ll be making works that reflect various angles of positions, exploring them through concepts like spatiality, visual culture & Pavlovian relationality. We’ll also be hearing from industry experts & academics about their positions.

Historically, zines make the communities that create them. The AI Yesterday community integrates academics, artists, technology practitioners & communities of users. We call for wider literary & creative participation within a supportive environment, providing space for a community to grow with an ongoing, embedded peer support system. Through collaboration, joining disparate groups that work on or are affected by the same technology, new visions for AI research, practice & use will emerge.

Participants will use platforms like Miro. If interested, analogue zine-making supplies are also encouraged. No prior knowledge is required. Participants will be encouraged to submit an A4 contribution at the end of the session.

If interested in participating, please sign the consent form:

About AI Yesterday:
AI Yesterday is a digital zine that challenges dominant narratives about AI’s potential futures. It engages with histories of AI, up to & including yesterday. Through experimental, freeform participation, the project embraces voices & outputs that academic writing & journalism often exclude.


Molly Wright Steenson is the Vice Provost for faculty & Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Gina Neff is a Professor of Technology & Society at the Oxford Internet Institute

Joshua Noble is an Interaction Designer & writer

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