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AI Blindspot: A Call for Tech to Think Holistically and Spot Risks

Date & Time:
13:00 - 14:00,
Tuesday 29 October, 2019


AI Blindspot is a discovery process that helps teams uncover ways in which their artificial intelligence tool can generate harmful unintended consequences. These can arise from oversights in a team’s workflow, our unconscious biases, or structural inequalities embedded in society. In its current form, it is a set of printed cards as a provocation to stimulate discussion and deliberation about the pitfalls of AI systems.

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  • Name: Ania Calderon|Hong Qu
  • Affiliation: Executive Director of the Open Data Charter|Program Director for Technology at Shorenstein Center at Harvard Kennedy School
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  • Bio: Ania is a leading open government expert who supports government reformers around the world in implementing open data policies. She currently works at the Open Data Charter, a collaboration between governments and partner organisations working to open up data based on a shared set of global principles. From 2012-2016, she delivered a key presidential mandate for open data in Mexico as General Director for the National Digital Strategy. She established data literacy and capacity building programs across more than 200 public institutions, developed tools and platforms to enable the access and use of standardised data, built channels to increase the ability of citizens to inform data release and started a national open data network of over 40 cities working to improve service delivery. Ania holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Columbia University, is part of the Technical Advisory Group of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data and sits on the Advisory Board of Global Integrity, a non-profit organisation that supports progress toward open, accountable and effective governance in countries and communities around the world.|Hong was a product designer on YouTube’s startup team. He also worked as the VP of product at Upworthy and chief technology officer at Fusion Media. He was a visiting Nieman fellow in 2013. Hong is a graduate of Wesleyan University and UC Berkeley’s School of Information.