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Aesthetic Networks: Media Design and the Future of the Future

Date & Time:
15:30:00 - 16:30:00,
Wednesday 11 May, 2005


As we accelerate into the 21st century, we suffer from a vision deficit. One reason we have so little faith in the future is that what’s to come has never been so inadequately imagined. Knock modernism, if you choose, but at least the art, design, and architecture generated in that heady period put forth a panoply of futures seductive enough to inspire others to bring them into being.

Corporate culture certainly hasn’t ignored the future. Over the last 25 years, far-sighted multi-nationals have institutionalized long-term scenario planning to ponder upcoming conditions and their effects on long-term investment and profits. What about the rest of us?

The advent of visual computing and massively scaled networks has made it possible for groups of individuals to come together and envision futures they might actually want to inhabit. This seminar will propose the creative mis-use of scenario planning, showcasing media designers who have crafted visualizations – often interactive, immersive, or augmented – of compelling and meaningful futures.

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  • Name: Professor Peter Lunenfeld
  • Affiliation: Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design
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