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Addressing Your Email Productivity Paradox: A Master Class

Date & Time:
16:30:00 - 18:30:00,
Thursday 7 May, 2009


Dr Seeley, founder of Mesmo Consulting and Co-Author of Managing in the Email Office, will lead a master class in how to address and manage the email deluge. She is a leading authority on email best practice, and will provide an overview of her perspectives on how people can better manage their email.

Why do we feel that the efficiency and speed of email is reducing our productivity? How can we control our use of email in more effective ways? Unlike most OII seminars, this event is less of a report on research than an effort to address a widely recognized problem related to the diffusion of the Internet and related information and communication technologies.

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  • Name: Dr Monica Seeley
  • Affiliation: Mesmo Consulting
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