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Donations Experiment at #LiveFriday

Published on
11 May 2015
Written by
Helen Margetts

Research shows that when you are deciding whether and how much to donate to a good cause, all kinds of factors will influence your decision. In particular, you will be influenced by the extent to which you are visible to other people, and by how much you think other people are giving to the cause.

If you came to the #Live Friday event, you probably participated in our donations experiment. That is, you were asked to donate money under different conditions which may (or may not) have affected your choice whether to do so or not. Can you guess what they were?

We can’t tell you any more about the  experimental design until the experiment is over, because that could influence how you respond, and how much you donate. But we will put here the design – and of course the results – here in the next couple of days.

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