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‘Digital Transformations of Work’ Conference Webcasts

Published on
23 Mar 2016
Written by
Mark Graham


The Digital Transformations of Work Conference that Alex Wood and I organised brought together a room full of brilliant and passionate speakers and 80 guests to have a wide-ranging and critical conversation about what digital transformations mean for the future of work (and workers). Sadly, the room could only accommodate 80 and we had a huge waiting list for the event – most of whom we had to turn away. Luckily everything was recorded, and we can now make all of the talks available on our conference website. You can also stream them all below…

Mark Graham – Digital Labour and Development: New Knowledge Economies or Digital Sweatshops

Guy Standing – Rentier Capitalism: Taskers in the Precariat

Saskia Sassen –  Digitization And Work: Potentials and Challenges in Low-Wage Labor Markets

Kevin Doogan – Divergent Temporalities: Polarisation or Marginalisation

Jill Rubery – Fragmented time and the UK social care sector

Vili Lehdonvirta – Online Platforms, Diversity and Fragmentation

Brendan Burchell – Digital Jobs in the EU and Self-Employment in Developing Countries

Karen Gregory – Digital Labour and Exploitation: It’s not a Done Deal



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