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Connected Life 2014: Remaining Presenters Announced

Published on
9 Jun 2014

Connected Life 2014, occurring on June 12th, is a day-long student-run conference dedicated to sparking exchange between disciplines and showcasing emerging internet research. Bringing together participants and attendees from across the social sciences, Connected Life will foster collaborations within and beyond Oxford in pursuit of better understanding of the internet and its many effects.

Concluding our announcements about those giving presentations, we’re pleased to announce the last batch of presenters, who are presenting on topics ranging from activism to law to identity:

Javier Solana
University of Oxford
The importance of law in embracing innovation
Keywords: collaborative consumption, innovation, internet finance, Law, regulation.

Edward Woodhouse
University of St. Andrews
Navigating the cybersea: assessing the potential for international internet governance through the Law of the Sea
Keywords: Internet governance; international law; UNCLOS

Dr Lijun Tang
Cardiff University, Seafarers International Research Centre
Rights defence on China’s Internet: what do unheard cases reveal

Stefanie Duguay
Queensland University of Technology
Playing with fire on Tinder: examining digitally delegated authenticity claims on a dating application
Keywords: Actor Network Theory; real name web; mobile applications; online dating; pseudonymity; authenticity; identity; privacy

Xiao Han
University of Westminster
The rise of women’s individualised empowerment in China: individual agency, social networks, and online communication in the blogosphere
Keywords: women; social networks; social interaction; blog; empowerment


We’ll be posting about those showcasing posters tomorrow and providing more information about our keynote speaker the following day. In the meantime, you can view the full program here.