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Build your own interactive map

Published on
11 Nov 2012
Written by
Scott A. Hale

After initial testing in our closed beta period, the InteractiveVis team is very happy to open the Interactive Map Builder to everyone. All you need is some interesting data at a country level — or use our literacy data to start. Information about the data format is available in the Preparing data… post, and the actual wizard to produce a map is at:

Please try it out, let us know yours thoughts, and send feedback (here as comments or by email — there are prizes available for helpful feedback!. Once you build a map, you will be able to preview it temporarily on our server, but you will need to download the visualization as a zip file, extract it, and post it to your own web server to have a permanent version. There are no specific requirements for the webserver. If you are within the University of Oxford, you will find information on accessing your personal webspace on the ITS website.

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