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Black Heroes of the Internet – Emna Mizouni

Black Heroes of the Internet – Emna Mizouni

Published on
12 Oct 2020
Written by
Mahsa Alimardani and Mona Elswah

As two scholars who’ve spent a lot of time studying and within the MENA region, we’re proud to know Emna Mizouni. She’s long been a figure of admiration for us within the region. Emna’s reputation as an activist goes beyond what she’s established and done in her home country of Tunisia. She’s well known in the region and internationally for her work within the global Wikimedia movement, especially within Arab and African countries. Just last year she was selected as the Wikimedian of the Year (2019).

Within Tunisia, she’s always been one of the bright stars of the country’s post-revolution civil society. Inspired by the Tunisian Arab Spring, Emna founded Carthagina alongside her other roles within civil society, encouraging young Tunisians to get to know their heritage and culture. Her many roles and contributions leave us wondering if there is ever rest for Emna. She is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Racial Equity Subcommittee; a representative in Tunisia for the women’s rights network organised by Karama; and finally a member of the board of directors of Access Now.

We know a future for a healthier, freer and more cohesive MENA region is in good hands with women like Emna in the driver’s seat.

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