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Announcing Connected Life Presenters in the Fields of Culture and Digital Divides

Published on
5 Jun 2014

Connected Life 2014, occurring on June 12th, is a day-long student-run conference dedicated to sparking exchange between disciplines and showcasing emerging internet research. Bringing together participants and attendees from across the social sciences, Connected Life will foster collaborations within and beyond Oxford in pursuit of better understanding of the internet and its many effects.

Continuing our announcements from earlier in the week, we’re pleased to announce our presenters on Culture and Digital Divides:

< Culture >

Leo Mercer
University of Oxford
The Internet: how it affects art and poetry
Keywords: Internet; Art; Poetry

Chen-Ta Sung
London School of Economics
A preliminary study of food photos mediating Taiwanese online identity on Facebook: a case study of Chinese food culture unfolding on a global social media platform


< Digital divides >

Dr Bianca Reisdorf
University of Leicester
A case for “Disconnected Life”?!
Keywords: Disconnected life; digital divide; digital inequality


Marco Haenssgen
University of Oxford, Department of International Development
How mobile phones facilitate healthcare seeking in rural India and China: the five A’s
Keywords: Mobile phones, healthcare seeking, technology adoption, India, China

Wybo Wiersma
University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute
The Internet as a catalyst for social movements: a tentative simulation of social mechanisms in the context of the Arab Spring, Indignados and Occupy movements
Key words: social media; internet; protests, social movement


We’ll be posting more on those who will be presenting in sessions or showcasing posters throughout the coming week. In the meantime, you can view the full program here.