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ACM SigComm Net Ethics Workshop Preparation

Published on
7 Aug 2015
Written by
Private: Ben Zevenbergen

Welcome to the preparation page of the Workshop on Ethics in Networked Systems Research at the ACM SigComm conference on Friday August 21st 2015. Below we provide some links to papers and other relevant introductory material.



The workshop will take place at 180 Queen’s Gate (Huxley Building) in rooms 341 & 342.
Coffee will be served from 8.30. The first session will start at 9.00 promptly.


Preparatory materials:

About 11 very short papers will be presented to groups during the workshop. We recommend you have a look at each paper before the workshop, since you may not be able to attend each presentation. They’re available from the conference website here (or in a ZipFile). We recommend you read through them to familiarise yourself with the input for the day.

As part of this project, we’ve written up the proceedings of a workshop held at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, in March 2015. We recommend reading this paper to get an idea of the technical as well as ethics considerations in this interdisciplinary field. The structure of the workshop at SigComm will be very different, but this paper explores some emerging themes and analyses reasoning from different disciplines. It is available here.


Background reading (websites and pdfs):


Previous presentation

Ben gave a 20-minute talk at the RIPE conference, in which he discuss the main points of the paper above, please see:


Finally, the tiny form to help us set expectations



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