The Oxford Internet Institute is excited to welcome Ben Shneiderman from the Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland for the OII Colloquia talk 'The New ABCs of Research: Achieving Breakthrough Collaborations'.

Solving the immense problems of the 21st century will require ambitious research teams that are skilled at producing practical solutions and foundational theories simultaneously – that is the ABC Principle: Applied & Basic Combined. Then these research teams can deliver high-impact outcomes by applying the SED Principle: Blend Science, Engineering and Design Thinking, which encourages use of the methods from all three disciplines. These guiding principles (ABC & SED) are meant to replace Vannevar Bush’s flawed linear model from 1945 that has misled researchers for 70+ years. These new guiding principles will enable students, researchers, academic leaders, and government policy makers to accelerate discovery and innovation. Book website: