The Oxford Internet Institute is excited to welcome Dr Jason R.C. Nurse from the Department of Computer Science for his talk 'I know what you did last summer: security and privacy risks to our presence in cyberspace'.

Cyberspace, a world of great promise, but also, of great peril. Pirates, predators, and hackers galore, are you and your online identity at risk in this wild frontier? In this talk I reflect on some of the security and privacy risks to our presence in cyberspace and use of digital technologies. This work focuses specifically on the risks of social media (yes, I mean you with that Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / … account), the way we expose information unknowingly via emails (that’s right, it’s not only incoming emails that are a problem!), and the fact that our devices are constantly leaking our personal information (including where you live and who your close friends are…). Come along, I guarantee it will be lots of fun, and maybe a bit scary…!