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Frontiers of Social Data Science

Key Information

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Compulsory foundation course for MSc, Hilary Term
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Dr Carl Benedikt Frey


In this course, we take a look into the future, and focus on the emerging role of data by looking at specific contexts and issues. Each of these helps us to better grasp the multi-faceted nature of the evolving data age.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course students will…

  • Have obtained an overview of the important cutting-edge and emerging topics in the context of social data science
  • Better understand the potentialities and pitfalls for society and individuals of social data science
  • Be informed about policy measures being considered in relation to social data science


  1. Data and the Social
  2. Data and Cities
  3. Data and Globalization
  4. Data and the Economy
  5. Data and Equity
  6. Data and Ownership
  7. Data and Control
  8. Data and Innovation