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Landscaping Strategic Cyber Deterrence

Landscaping Strategic Cyber Deterrence


This is an inter-divisional and multidisciplinary eight-month pilot study devoted to landscape the problem space and the future research on strategic cyber deterrence (SCD). SCD is increasingly attracting efforts and attention as a means to ensure stability of the cyber space, as proved by the interest of NATO, Red Cross, the UN, the UK government, and the USA in this topic.

However, deploying conventional deterrence strategies within the cyber domain proves highly problematic because of the anonymity, the global reach, the distributed nature, and the interconnectedness of this domain. Failing to develop effective SCD may deeply impair cyber stability and hence the security and safety of information societies. The project has two objectives (a) identifying the range of the most pressing issues that may challenge the deployment of SCD; and (b) outlining the agenda for the development of the conceptual framework needed to address such problems successfully.

Key Information

  • John Fell OUP Research Fund
  • Project dates:
    January 2016 - August 2016

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