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Ravi Naik

Former Visiting Policy Fellow

Ravi Naik

Former Visiting Policy Fellow


Ravi Naik, the Law Society’s 2018 – 2019 Human Rights Lawyer of the Year, is a multi-award winning Solicitor, with a pioneering practice at the forefront of data rights and technology. In January 2020, Ravi co-founded the data rights agency, AWO.Ravi represents clients in high profile and agenda setting data rights cases. These include the leading case against Cambridge Analytica for political profiling, claims against Facebook for their privacy policies and data practices, challenges to financial profiling companies, claims concerning Google’s data processing practices and the leading regulatory complaint against the Advertising Technology industry. In addition to litigating, Ravi is known for his advisory and research work, such as being the legal advisor on the human rights’ impact assessment on the “smart city” development in Toronto and conducting research with the Oxford Technology & Elections Commission.In addition to his legal practice, Ravi is regularly sought to lecture and deliver speeches, including at Harvard University, Duke University and Oxford University, with Harvard publishing his speech. He has delivered keynote speeches in Westminster and Washington D.C.Ravi also sits on the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, is on the working group of the Ada Lovelace’s institute’s “rethinking data” programme amongst many other positions and appointments.

Research Interests

Data protection, human rights, administrative law, disinformation, law.

Positions at the OII

  • Visiting Policy Fellow, April 2020 - December 2023