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Professor Netta Weinstein

Research Associate

Netta Weinstein

Research Associate


Dr Netta Weinstein is a Professor at the University of Reading and a psychologist with a background in clinical and social psychology. She studies the role that human motivation plays in shaping behaviour and well-being. This research forms three strains within the remit of OII: (1) self-regulation and addiction of online technologies, (2) caregiver (e.g., parents, teachers) regulation of youngsters’ technology use and positive interpersonal (e.g., reducing online aggression and cyberbullying; eliciting cooperation and trust) and well-being (e.g., self-esteem; positive emotions) outcomes, and (3) positive outcomes of technology use in vulnerable and diverse populations.

Research Interests

Self-regulation, motivation, well-being.

Positions at the OII

  • Research Associate, February 2020 -



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