• Andrew Keen on New Media

    2 June 2008, The Independent

    Andrew Keen reports on an OII event on the Future of Knowledge: 'Last week I was at Balliol College at Oxford University with Wikipedia co-founder Dr Larry Sanger to debate the proposition that "the internet is the future of knowledge"'

  • Are we losing the virus wars?

    1 June 2008, Prospect

    Jonathan Zittrain writes: 'The openness of 'generative' technologies like the PC and the internet has led to great innovations - but also to an upward spiral of viruses, worms and spam. Such bad code threatens to derail the internet [...]'

  • The problem with the net: it’s you, reader

    24 May 2008, The Telegraph

    Julian Dibbell reviews The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It by Jonathan Zittrain: '"We need a latter-day Manhattan project," Zittrain writes, "not to build a bomb but to design the tools and conventions by which to continually defuse one"'

  • Net libertarianism

    21 May 2008, The Times Literary Supplement

    Coverage of Jonathan Zittrain's new book: 'Zittrain, by contrast, is a Romantic about the "Live Free or Die" ethos of original internet culture, while doubling as a superb technical master of its legal and manufacturing history'

  • Gadgets threaten Internet’s future, says academic

    12 May 2008, China Daily

    Jonathan Zittrain's book: 'The rise of gadgets like the iPhone, Blackberry and Xbox threatens to unravel the decades of innovation that helped to build the Internet, a leading academic has warned in a new book'

  • Walking on wild side of the Web

    9 May 2008, Oxford Times

    The Internet is so ubiquitous that its users take it for granted. But in Prof Zittrain's view it is surprisingly delicate and, with no one even recognising it, the Internet is under threat. In fact it is already well on the road to ruin [...]

  • A simple way to avoid being the next Star Wars Kid

    4 May 2008, The Sunday Times

    Jonathan Zittrain writes: 'Embarrassing images can find their way onto the web all too easily, ruining the lives of the people depicted, but a "privacy tag" could prevent it'

  • Are gadgets killing the internet?

    1 May 2008, The Guardian

    Coverage of Jonathan Zittrain's new book: 'The Future of the Internet: And How to Stop It': '"Tethered appliances" are stifling the innovation that led to the rise of the world wide web, argues academic and author Jonathan Zittrain'

  • Warnings Over The Future Of The Web

    1 May 2008, Sky News

    Jonathan Zittrain's new book: 'The Future of the Internet': 'Professor Jonathan Zittrain fears web products which can be controlled by manufacturers, such as iPhones and Xboxes, could stifle the innovation that has made the internet a positive force'

  • Inherent risks of a locked-down cyberspace

    28 April 2008, Financial Times

    'In Zittrain's view, open technologies lead to open societies. Wikipedia, and the other participative internet media that have turned formerly passive consumers into active participants, are the natural offspring of the open internet'

  • Will the Internet Survive?

    27 April 2008, National Public Radio

    The Internet is a happy accident of the 20th century. But law professor Jonathan Zittrain wonders whether the net can survive in a culture of freedom and innovation. Andrea Seabrook talks to Zittrain about his new book The Future of the Internet

  • Stark warning for internet’s future

    24 April 2008, BBC News

    Jonathan Zittrain, one of the world's leading academics on the impact of the net, is warning that the future is potentially bleak. His book, The Future of the Internet: And How To Stop It, highlights key concerns about the direction of online society

  • The Future Perfect

    18 April 2008, National Public Radio

    Jonathan Zittrain's new book, The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It, is a clarion call to protect the freedom of the Internet from those who would stifle it for the sake of security and reliability

  • Possible Downside of IPhones: Scary Dystopia!

    17 April 2008, The New York Observer

    In a new book about the problems implicit in the way the Internet is developing, The Future of the Internet - and How to Stop It, Oxford professor Jonathan Zittrain writes that the Internet is threatened [...]

  • Book review: ‘The Future of the Internet (And How to Stop It)’

    14 April 2008, O'Reilly Radar

    '[...] your education is stifled until you have absorbed the insights offered by comprehensive thinkers such as Jonathan Zittrain, who presents in this brand new book some critical and welcome anchor points for discussions of Internet policy'

  • Netizenship: The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It

    9 April 2008, Center for Social Media (School of Communication, American University)

    Are we headed backwards, to a media world that looks more like cable than the Internet? For Jonathan Zittrain, the iPhone is the enemy, Wikipedia is our friend, and our laptops are battle zones in a new war

  • Couples admit spying on each other

    8 April 2008, Marie Claire

    Coverage of the OII project: 'Me, My Spouse and the Internet: Meeting, Dating and Marriage in the Digital Age'