• Digital divide grows with web use

    25 July 2007, BBC News

    The digital divide in Britain is still pronounced despite growing intensity of internet use [...] The Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS) found that with two-thirds of Britons online, the poor, the old and the less educated are still losing out

  • MySpace & YouTube

    12 April 2007, BBC Radio 4

    Ellen Helsper interviewed: '160 million people worldwide have posted their personal profile on MySpace and use the site to stay in touch with real and virtual friends. The results often make headlines.'

  • UK digital divide to deepen?

    19 March 2007, Silicon.com

    'The digital divide in Blighty could be set to deepen further as offline individuals are left behind their more tech-savvy neighbours'

  • How Stock Spam Works

    8 February 2007, Gelf Magazine

    Jonathan Zittrain tells Gelf: "Maybe some know it's a scam, but think that if they get in early enough, the price will still go up - a classic pyramid scheme."

  • What content does Google censor outside China?

    19 October 2006, Guardian Unlimited

    Coverage of OII event 'Google vs. ?: Challenges to Freedom of Information on a Global Network' (6 Oct 2006) with Andrew McLaughlin, Google's worldwide policy counsel

  • Group hits AOL for spyware sins

    29 August 2006, The Boston Globe

    Coverage resulting from StopBadware.org's in-depth report on the free version of AOL 9.0