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The Strategic Use of Information Technology and Outsourcing: A Conversation with Bob Carlson

Date & Time:
17:00:00 - 18:30:00,
Thursday 27 October, 2005


Bob Carlson, former head of Global IT Operations and Telecommunications at HSBC, will open a discussion of the strategic use of IT and what he calls ‘RightSourcing’ of both IT and back office processes. How will IT and sourcing evolve over the coming years? What role will the Internet play in these activities? What effect will these trends have on both onshore and offshore economies and employment? Bob Carlson will open the session with a brief statement of his views on these matters, before opening the floor to interactive questions and answers to begin a conversation across a related range of issues, from outsourcing to virtual teaming, which he has faced over the last 40 years of his work in the development and management of IT operations.

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