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Midata or Their Data? Controlling Your Own Customer Record

Date & Time:
14:00 - 17:00,
Wednesday 14 December, 2011


The UK government’s Midata initiative will see 26 major businesses give customers access to their personal data in portable, electronic format. This should allow consumers to better understand their own behaviour (supporting, for example, energy efficiency), and to shop around for better deals. Consumer groups including Which? have been developing privacy principles for this service, while start-ups like Mydex are developing technology to let individuals manage their own personal data ‘lockers’.

At this workshop we will hear from some of the key Midata government, industry and civil society stakeholders, and discuss how to maximise benefits to individuals and the economy while minimising risks of data spills and other threats.

Georgina Nelson


William Heath

Chairman, Mydex

Rory Gallagher

Cabinet Office

John Taysom

Harvard University

Anthony House


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