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Looking Past the Hype – The Real Implications of Artificial Intelligence for the Public Sector

With Dr Keegan McBride
Date & Time:
17:00 - 18:00,
Wednesday 7 June, 2023
1 St Giles
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In this talk Dr. Keegan McBride will look beyond the current hype of artificial intelligence (AI) and its use in and by public sector bureaucracies. The talk will discuss the importance of recent developments of AI – particularly in the private sector – and contrast this with the seemingly low uptake of AI in the public sector. While the private sector may be concerned with customer acquisition, maximizing profits, or market growth, the public sector from does not have the same motivations – they are inherently different. Thus, the reasons for applying AI, the ways in which AI is applied, and the areas where AI can be applied will be similarly differentiated. Finally, the presentation will push back against emerging myths that foresee AI leading to a diminishing importance of the public sector and bureaucracy, arguing that, rather, AI is likely a boon for governments.