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Algorithmic or human bias? Understanding discrimination in the gig economy

Date & Time:
16:30 - 17:30,
Tuesday 4 February, 2020


The rapid expansion of the gig economy has raised concerns about the role of algorithms in labor markets. Two central concerns are the potential to exacerbate discrimination in hiring and the suppression of worker wages. By comparison, bias in human decision-making in the gig economy context has not received similar attention. This lecture will redirect attention to human choices, and explore ways in which gig economy platforms create conditions that favor the activation of stereotypes in online hiring. The lecture draws from field experiments and the analysis of transactional data to reveal the mechanisms that result in inferior outcomes for women and online workers based in the Global South.

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  • Name: Hernán Galperin
  • Affiliation: Associate Professor, University of Southern California
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  • Bio: Hernan Galperin (Ph.D., Stanford University) is Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California. He is also Director of the Annenberg Research Network on International Communication (ARNIC). His other affiliations include the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, the USC Price Spatial Analysis Lab, and the USC Price Center for Social Innovations. Previously, he served as Associate Professor and Founder-Director of the Center for Technology and Society at the Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina).